Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sophisticated in the world WEAPONS MADE IN ISRAEL

A new weapon system, recently circulated in Israel. These weapons could be fired in the direction of cornering. With this invention the possibility of war strategy cities around the world will change.
Corner Shot system that gets the patent is intended to provide protection to the soldier's body, because he could open fire on the streets who sealed a door or window, high accuracy, and soldiers are in a position outside the target range.

This device system includes a steel pipe and a tip that can be mobile, mounted on a weapon in any war at close range, but it includes a camera, soldiers can hide in position while aiming the target.
Gollan Lieutenant Colonel who served in anti-terrorism forces in Israel is the inventor of this new system. He said: "The system of this device in three months ago has been circulated in the market, and we also have been sold in 15 countries."
Gollan also one of the chief executive of PT Corner Shot, he said, the price system of these devices around U.S. $ 3000-5000, and has been sold in the United States, Russia and several European military. He said that the equipment has been used for real war, but he declined to say where the location.
Types There are various types of weapons ranging from sniper, Short Gun, Semi Auto, and Auto from a variety that is a sophisticated new weapon systems and their scientists gun maker
From today's technology can match Does Indonesia or at least a better approach and is ahead so that our nation is not neglected.
Are we ashamed of the Indonesian nation ...............? The answer is not ........!
We as a nation of Indonesia must be able to develop a weapons capability or ALUSISTA that are MADE IN INDONESIA with all the limitations and capabilities of human resources of our nation and the Government should be keen to see the problem.


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